Emeritus Professor Philip J. Jaggar

Department of Africa

SOAS, University of London

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square

London WC1H 0XG



Phone (direct): +44 (0) 20 7898 4387

Phone (dept): +44 (0) 20 7637 2388

email: pj@soas.ac.uk 

Paul Robeson tribute SOAS, September 2006
Paul Robeson tribute SOAS, September 2006

After taking African studies as an undergraduate Philip Jaggar took an MPhil in social anthropology (both at SOAS), with a dissertation on the blacksmiths of Kano, northern Nigeria (1978). He then got the "linguistics bug" and took an MA and PhD in linguistics at UCLA, writing a discourse-based dissertation on the coding of referents in Hausa narrative (1985). He has taught mainly Hausa language/linguistics at Bayero University College, Kano, Nigeria (1973-76), Universität Hamburg, Germany (1976-78), UCLA (1978-83), and SOAS (1983-), and has researched and/or published on Hausa, Guruntum (West Chadic) and a number of other West African languages (including a number of PhD dissertations). He has recently started researching and publishing on Kanuri (a major Nilo-Saharan language).

      A theoretically-informed empirical linguist, he is recognised as a world authority on Hausa and a lifelong study of the language culminated in his 754-page magnum opus, Hausa (2001, Benjamins), described in one major review article as "[a] balance between richness of descriptive detail, penetrating analysis, and theoretical erudition" (Green & Reintges, Lingua 114, 2004).